Do You Have What It Takes
To Be A Member Of
The Red Horde?

I'm talking to you chief, well do you?

The Red Horde is an English speaking, Adult run clan established in March of 2014. We are a growing group of mature, active, veteran players based in the United States. All current members are active, donate plenty of good troops and are happy to give advice on upgrades, base designs, raiding strategies and war attacks.

We are looking for active players that are good donators, participate in the Clan Games and ready and able to help win Clan Wars! War experience and ability to achieve stars each attack is preferred. Not a 3-star attacker yet, we will work with you to fix that. We are actively recruiting TH7, TH8, TH9 players ready to take their game to the next level. No RUSHED villages will be accepted!

Join us and help us grow and wage war! Clan Wars start every Tuesday and Friday around 9:00pm Eastern Time. Targets, army compositions, spells and CC troops are all discussed before making attacks to maximize stars. We take our Clan Wars seriously, but still have fun doing it. Currently we are a level 12 clan with 300+ wins! Members must be mature enough to handle constructive criticism of attacks and base designs in order to improve over time.

Join forces with our current members to grow your resources and trophy collection! Two wars per week leaves plenty of time for our members to farm and/or push.

The Basics: (See Clan Rules page for full details)

  • Be RESPECTFUL of all members of The Red Horde. No foul language!
  • Remain ACTIVE. Most members are on the chat daily.
  • DONATE requested troops whenever possible.
  • Remain LOYAL to The Red Horde. No clan hopping!
  • BOTH attacks must be used in EVERY clan war you are in. Occasional Opt-Out allowed.
  • PLAN and DISCUSS clan war attacks BEFORE making them.
  • Compete in the Clan Games. Earn rewards for your clan and yourself!
  • We are a Fair Play clan. Absolutely NO Modding!
  • HAVE FUN! It's a game after all. No Drama!

See the Clan Rules page for full details.


Fluent in English
Age 18+
1000+ Trophies

Maxed TH 6 Defenses and Troops, Dragons unlocked

Maxed TH 7 Defenses and Troops

Maxed TH 8 Defenses and Troops

Thank you!

We hope you'll join us!

Just search for "The Red Horde" (#2JQCPVY) from your clan castle and request to join (Invite Only).

NOTE: We typically do not accept new members during a clan war. Request to join Sunday night through Tuesday evening or Thursday night through Friday evening or send me (LordRoshon) a PM on the Clash of Clans forum.