Bulder Base: Army Structures

Available Army Structures

BH LevelBarracksArmy CampsStar LaboratoryClock Tower

Army Camp

Level 1

"Your troops are stationed in Army Camps. Each camp can house only one troop type at a time. Some troops can be upgraded to fit more units per camp!"

Number of CampsBuild CostBuild TimeHit PointsBH Level
212,0005 min3002
3180,0003 hrs3003
4350,0008 hrs3004
52,500,0002 days3006
55,000,0004 days3008

Builder Barracks

RuinsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10

"The Builder Barracks trains troops for Versus Battles! You can also quickly swap troops immediately before attacking. Upgrade the Builder Barracks to unlock more troop types!"

LevelBuild CostBuild TimeHit PointsUnlockedBH Level
11,00-300Raged Barbarian1
24,0001 min345Sneaky Archer2
310,00010 min397Boxer Giant3
425,00030 min457Beta Minion3
5100,0003 hrs526Bomber4
6150,0006 hrs605Baby Dragon4
7300,0008 hrs696Cannon Cart5
8500,00010 hrs800Night Witch6
91,000,00012 hrs920Drop Ship7
101,500,0001 day1,058Super PEKKA8

Star Laboratory

RuinsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8

"The Star Laboratory searches the heavens for secrets to unlock a troop's full potential. Improve troop hitpoints, damage and housing space in addition to special troop abilities!"

LevelBuild CostBuild TimeHit PointsBH Level
215,00010 min8002
350,00030 min9603
4300,0008 hrs1,1524
5700,00012 hrs1,3825
61,000,0001 day1,6586
72,000,0002 days1,9907
83,000,0003 days2,3888

Clock Tower

RuinsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8

"The Clock Tower makes things happen faster in your village! Collect resources, train, research and build faster."

LevelBuild CostBuild TimeHit PointsBoost DurationCool DownBH Level
1150,0002 hrs6503 min7 hrs4
2180,0003 hrs8004 min 7 hrs4
3220,0004 hrs9605 min7 hrs4
4300,0006 hrs1,1526 min7 hrs4
5700,0008 hrs1,3827 min7 hrs5
61,200,00010 hrs1,6588 min7 hrs6
71,700,00012 hrs1,9909 min7 hrs7
82,200,0001 day2,38810 min7 hrs8