Clan Rules

All members of The Red Horde must be fluent in ENGLISH! Proper communication between members is very important to us.

Personal Conduct

The Red Horde is an honorable warring clan founded on active participation and respect for its members. Be RESPECTFUL of all members of The Red Horde regardless of rank, age, sex, race, etc. Do not use foul or otherwise offensive language on the chat! We strongly recommend that you have a pass code on your device to prevent friends or family from misusing your account. Try to be ACTIVE on the chat. If you aren't chatty, at least check in a few times a day to keep up with what is going on in the clan.

Remain LOYAL to The Red Horde. No clan hopping! If you want to visit a friend's clan please let a Co-Leader know before you do.


There are NO donation minimums or ratios in this clan. If you are requesting troops you are expected to donate troops, plain and simple. Be as specific as you like with your requests and ONLY donate what is asked for. Members who consistently request lots of troops and donate very few troops will be kicked if previously warned to change their ways. No MOOCHERS!

Clan Wars

All members of the clan are expected to Opt-In to wars. Only Opt-Out if you know you will be unable to make your attacks due to real world events or you are working on a critical upgrade such as a Spell Factory or Hero. When Opted-In to a clan war you are REQUIRED to make BOTH attacks. Both of your attacks are to be used to gain additional stars for the clan in order to win the war! If there are no bases with a reasonable chance of you earning stars on, a Co-Leader may allow you to attack for loot. You are also required to PLAN and DISCUSS your attacks on the chat with an Co-Leader or Elder BEFORE making them. We work together to make the best attack plan possible in order for you to maximize stars.

War base clan castles are filled by Co-Leaders and Elders ONLY to ensure the best troops are available for the defense of your base. Make sure that your troop request is specific and up to date.

Once Preparation Day for the war ends you can reserve a base with Clash Caller (see below for instructions). Ignore the game's recommended target and look at your opposite base number first. You may move up or down NO MORE than 5 bases from your opposite number depending on availability and your ability to 3 star it. Bases will remain reserved for roughly 3 hours. If not attacked within 3 hours of being reserved the base may be given to another player that is ready to attack.

Your first attack should be made during the first 12 hours of the war so that Co-Leaders can plan the clean up of bases that are not yet 3 starred. Lower ranked bases should make BOTH of their attacks as early as possible in the war, again to aid with planning. PLAN and DISCUSS your attacks on the chat with a Co-Leader or Elder BEFORE making them.

All war attack plans must be approved by a Co-Leader BEFORE being made. If no Co-Leaders are logged on an Elder may approve an attack plan IF they feel comfortable doing so. We do this to make sure that you have thoroughly thought through all aspects of your attack.

We are a Fair play war clan. Any member caught modding will be kicked out of the clan immediately and reported to Super Cell!

Clash Caller

We use Clash Caller to reserve bases during clan wars. Go to, select "Join War" and enter the code provided in the clan mail for the war. Click on the "+" to the right of the base number you wish to reserve and enter your name. A member may only reserve ONE base at a time. If you decide to change targets, be sure to remove your information from the currently selected one. After you make your attack go back and click the "Called" button under your name and select the result of your attack. Keeping Clash Caller up to date is essential to allow members to plan attacks and for Co-Leaders to organize clean up of bases not yet 3-starred.

Note: If you are having difficulty in discussing your attack plan in the chat, add your army type, spells, cc troops and basic attack plan in the note section to the left of the base number by clicking on the "message bubble" so that a Co-Leader can approve it.

NOTE: Once the Battle Day starts any base that is reserved by a member must be attacked within 3 hours. If not attacked within 3 hours a Co-Leader may remove that member's name and/or assign another member to that base that is ready to attack.

Clan Games

The Clan Games are a great way to earn extra loot including gems and magic items. We ask that you help out your clan mates and yourself by completing tasks in the games to unlock the highest rewards tier each time the games are available. We don't expect you to earn the maximum allowed points for your account every time, but we do ask that you don't just do the minimum to get the rewards for yourself.


Promotions in this clan are a big deal! All Elders and Co-Leaders are expected to set a good example for other members of The Red Horde. We want active and helpful members in the clan, especially its Elders and Co-Leaders. All promotions are earned by a combination of time in the clan, level of activity in the chat, good personal conduct, donations and clan war performance.

The clan Leader, with input from the Co-Leaders, handles all promotions/demotions. Co-Leaders may accept/reject new members requesting to join the clan. Members are evaluated for promotion/demotion at the end of every raiding season.

Breaking the Rules

If you break a rule you will receive at least one warning. We don't just kick people out of the clan, except in extreme cases; i.e. not attacking in a clan war, a hate filled rant on the chat, etc. Elders and Co-Leaders will be demoted before being kicked out of the clan, yes rank does have its privileges. Co-Leaders (and Elders in extreme cases) may kick out a member for breaking the Personal Conduct rules after the appropriate warnings have been given.

If you have any questions about our clan’s rules please ask a Co-Leader or Elder. You will be expected to understand and abide by these rules!

One Last Thing

This is a game, so have fun with it! Go Red Horde!