Trophy Leagues

"Trophy Leagues are groups of players that are all within the same trophy range. While in a Trophy League, each non-revenge multiplayer victory will award a loot bonus based on league level." The loot bonus gained is dependant upon the total damage done during the attack. To earn the maximum loot bonus, you must score at least 70% destruction. The League season resets the first Monday of each month.

LevelTrophy RangeDemotion if belowPromotion if aboveMax Gold Win BonusMax Elixir Win BonusMax Dark Elixir Win BonusVillage Guard
Bronze III400 - 499300500700700030 min
Bronze II500 - 59945060010001000030 min
Bronze I600 - 79955080013001300030 min
Silver III800 - 9997001,0002,6002,600030 min
Silver II1,000 - 1,1999001,2003,7003,700030 min
Silver I1,200 - 1,3991,1001,4004,8004,800030 min
Gold III1,400 - 1,5991,3001,60010,00010,000030 min
Gold II1,600 - 1,7991,5001,80013,50013,500030 min
Gold I1,800 - 1,9991,7002,00017,00017,000030 min
Crystal III2,000 - 2,1991,9002,20040,00040,00012030 min
Crystal II2,200 - 2,3992,1002,40055,00055,00022030 min
Crystal I2,400 - 2,5992,3002,60070,00070,00032030 min
Master III2,600 - 2,7992,5002,800110,000110,00056030 min
Master II2,800 - 2,9992,7003,000135,000135,00074030 min
Master I3,000 - 3,1992,9003,200160,000160,00092030 min
Champion III3,200 - 3,4993,1003,500200,000200,0001,2201 hr
Champion II3,500 - 3,7993,4003,800225,000225,0001,4001 hr
Champion I3,800 - 4,0993,7004,100250,000250,0001,5801 hr
Titan III4,100 - 4,3994,0004,400280,000280,0001,8802 hrs
Titan II4,400 - 4,6994,3004,700300,000300,0002,0603 hrs
Titan I4,700 - 4,9994,6005,000320,000320,0002,2404 hrs
Legend5,000+4,900N/A340,000340,0002,4004 hrs

Daily Star Bonus

"Win 5 stars from multiplayer battles to earn bonus loot. Star Bonus loot is delivered to the Treasury."

LeagueGold BonusElixir BonusDark Elixir Bonus
Bronze III50,00050,0000
Bronze II80,00080,0000
Bronze I110,000110,0000
Silver III140,000140,0000
Silver II180,000180,0000
Silver I220,000220,0000
Gold III260,000260,000200
Gold II300,000300,000400
Gold I340,000340,000600
Crystal III380,000380,000900
Crystal II420,000420,0001,200
Crystal I460,000460,0001,500
Master III500,000500,0001,800
Master II540,000540,0002,100
Master I580,000580,0002,400
Champion III620,000620,0002,700
Champion II660,000660,0003,000
Champion I700,000700,0003,300
Titan III750,000750,0003,600
Titan II800,000800,0003,900
Titan I500,000850,0004,200

Trophy Leagues

"Clan War Leagues are a brand new competitive Clan War system where one week each month Clans will battle to prove they are the best in the world and climb 18 Leagues and reap amazing new exclusive rewards."

LeagueMedals per WinMedals per StarTier RewardsGuaranteed Bonus# of Clans Promoted# of Clans Demoted
Champion I3012105402
Champion II2912100422
Champion III271295422
Master I251090322
Master II241085322
Master III231080322
Crystal I20875222
Crystal II19870222
Crystal III18865222
Gold I15660222
Gold II14655222
Gold III13650222
Silver I12445122
Silver II11440122
Silver III10435122
Bronze I10235132
Bronze II10235132
Bronze III10235130